London police attack G20 climate protest

April 20, 2009 at 12:46 am Leave a comment

Banner at G20 Climate Camp, London

Banner at G20 Climate Camp, London

The 4000 activists who peacefully protested for real action on climate change at the G20 in London a fortnight ago faced some serious police violence.

For 12 hours they set up a Climate Camp outside the European Climate Exchange in central London to protest the “use of deeply flawed carbon trading mechanisms to tackle climate change”.

Nature doesn’t do bailouts, they said.

The European carbon trading scheme collapsed earlier this year, for the second time. Set up to price carbon out of the market, the EU’s carbon trading scheme is pricing it back in again.

Meanwhile, of the $1.1 trillion the world’s richest nation pledged to save the international banking system a grand total of ….. $0 was tied to renewable energy or carbon-netural initatives. The money is there for a rapid transition to renewables. But the world’s elites prefer to spend public money to bailout greedy bankers rather than invest where it really needed.

Here’s some footage of the climate camp, including some of the violent tactics of the police below. The Climate Camp legal team has released a report on the police during Climate Camp available here.


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