Indigenous activists say ‘Barrick Kills’

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Indigenous protesters say Barrick kills

Indigenous protesters say Barrick kills

On April 29, Indigenous leaders from Papua New Guinea and Chile went to Canada to protest outside the shareholders’ meeting of Barrick Gold. They confronted Barrick about human rights abuses and environmental degradation on their lands.

Allan Lissner has some nice photographs of the demo on his site, along with some information about the campaign.

Barrick is such a scumbag company there’s even a website solely dedicated to protesting against it.

One of the protesters in Canada last week was the legendary activist Jethro Tullin from PNG. See his strident contribution to the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues held in April last year below.

On May 27 Tulin addressed the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues for the second time.

He said: “Madam Chair, this is my second time at this UN forum, and today my message and recommendations are more urgent than before. In my homeland in the highlands of Papua New Guinea, the Ipili and Engan people have seen their traditions turned upside-down by the influence of a large-scale mining project. In one generation, the mine has brought militarization, corruption, and environmental devastation to a land that previously knew only subsistence farming and alluvial mining.”

Read the full statement here.

Update: On June 10 the Sydney Morning Herald published a lengthy article on more Barrick’s Progera gold mine in Papua New Guinea. Barrick security guards have been accused of numerous murders of locals attempting to earn a meagre living on the fringes of the mine. The SMH titled the article “A walk through the valley of death”. Death for the local inhabitants perhaps, but Barrick’s profits from the mining venture are definitely alive and well.

Amnesty has also reported on the policy of forced evictions and burning of houses by PNG police near the mine. 1000 people are now homeless after the police actions. It accuses Barrick and the PNG government of breaching international human rights laws.


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