Our future is in whose hands?

May 20, 2009 at 2:51 am Leave a comment

Melbourne hosted a big, 5000 person strong climate rally on May 19.

Protesters formed a human sign on St Kilda beach – spelling out “Our climate is in your hands” (pictured).

Fortunately they didn’t leave it there, but removed the ‘y’ to say “Our climate is in our hands”.

The national climate emergency rallies planned for June 13 are one example of how the “new environment movement” in Australia is working to take climate policy out of the hands of the big polluters, and the governments that support their interests.

Here is the call for the June 13 Climate Emergency rally below. The strong demands are based on the outcomes of Australia’s climate summit held in January.


Countdown to Copenhagen

In December 2009, governments of the world will meet in Copenhagen to forge a critical new global climate change agreement. This is our chance to secure strong global action to cut emissions in time to avoid catastrophic climate change. The global financial crisis presents a golden opportunity to change direction and embrace a ‘green new deal’ to save the planet and the economy.

Join thousands of Australians to stand up for real and urgent action!

We need:
1. 100% renewable energy by 2020

Australia must shift to 100% renewable energy from wind, solar and other existing technologies within a decade

2. Green collar jobs with a just transition for workers

We can renew our economy by creating hundreds of thousands of ‘green jobs’ and supporting workers to make the shift to sustainable industries.

3. A strong international agreement with climate justice for all

Australia must take the lead in global climate talks, not undermine them with an ineffective 5%-25% target. We must support our Pacific neighbours and other developing countries, who are least responsible for climate change.

4. A climate policy that makes big polluters pay

The Government’s draft Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme must not become law in its current form. It would allow big companies to go on polluting and won’t reduce Australia’s greenhouse pollution


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