Pacific Islanders struggle to halt global warming

August 3, 2009 at 7:33 am Leave a comment

20081009_tuvaluposterAn extended interview with two climate activists from the Pacific Island nations of Kiribati and Tulavu can be read here.


For Pacific islanders, climate change is not a threat looming somewhere in the future. Rising sea levels and unpredictable weather are having devastating effects right now. Climate change has already forced some communities to leave their traditional homes. Simon Butler spoke to two climate change activists from the Pacific about their campaign for immediate cuts to global greenhouse emissions.

Pelenise Alofa Pilitati is the chairperson of the Church Education Directors’ Association in Kiribati. Reverend Tafue Lusama is the chairperson of the Tuvalu Climate Action Network. They are on an Australian speaking tour through July and August, which is co-sponsored by Greenpeace and Oxfam. For details of the tour go to the Greenpeace website.

Read the interview here.

The video below tells the harrowing story of the Carteret Islands near Bougainville who are thought to be the first forced to flee their homes due to global warming.


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