Switch off Hazelwood climate change action

September 17, 2009 at 7:35 am Leave a comment

More reports on the successful actions on September 13 are at the Switch off Hazelwood site.

Next up is the South Australian Climate Camp, targeting two aging coal-fired power stations in Port Augusta. For details visit the Climate Camp SA website. Below is the SA pledge of action.


We the undersigned pledge to join and / or support the Climate Camp protests at the Port Augusta power stations, September 24-27.

We are gravely concerned by the near-daily reports from climate scientists confirming the worst case scenarios of climate change. We know we have ten years or less to massively cut greenhouse emissions or face unstoppable catastrophic global warming.

NASA climate scientist and activist James Hansen has identified coal as the number one driver of climate change, and calls for “a rapid transition to switch off coal and switch on renewable energy.”

The ageing brown coal-fired power stations at Port Augusta are among the most inefficient and carbon polluting in Australia. But rather than shut them down and invest in South Australia’s plentiful renewable energy resources of solar, geothermal and wind, the Rann government plans to upgrade and extend them. Many more jobs, not to mention a safe climate for our children, could be created by an immediate transition to renewable energy.

As concerned citizens, we will gather in Port Augusta to protest and demand that our government acts in our interests for a safe climate and an organised transition to a renewable energy future.

We will be taking non-violent direct action to protest the Rann government’s short sightedness and disregard for our planet. The non-violent direct action will be preceded by a public meeting in Port Augusta “Jobs, Water, Power” and a day of workshops on renewable alternatives, green jobs, indigenous land rights, etc.

As James Hansen, who advocates and participates in direct action, says, “Civil resistance is not an easy path, but given abdication of responsibility by the government, it is an essential path.”

We take this action to demand that the Rann state government:
*Seriously invests in renewable energy technology
*Shuts down the Port Augusta power stations

And that the federal government:
*Scraps the CPRS and takes measures to genuinely cut Australia’s emissions
*Stops all fossil fuel subsidies and diverts this spending to renewables

Sign the statement here


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