Will Copenhagen be like Poznan?

November 3, 2009 at 5:16 am Leave a comment

Last year’s UN-sponsored international conference on climate change was held in the Polish city of Poznan. This year’s event will take place in the Danish capital Copenhagen.

The Poznan conference was a failure and the Australian government bears some of the responsibility.

The Australian delegation to Poznan chaired a so-called “negotiating bloc” of some of the largest polluting nations, including the US, Japan, Saudi Arabia and Canada. The bloc helped scuttle chances of an agreement on a proposed 25%-40% emissions reduction by 2020.

Another, less well known issue with the Poznan conference was the allocation of space. More conference space was given to side events outside the UN process – almost all of which were hosted by corporations – than to environmental groups running official UN ‘side events’. See the Poznan conference site map below from the Climate Crashers blog.

The Copenhagen website lists information for NGO’s to book space for the side-events (applications have ended). But there’s nothing about how much space the corporate greenwashers will be granted at Copenhagen.

Despite the proven scientific imperative for strong climate action, it appears the rich countries will again try to sink a strong agreement at Copenhagen.

In a recent New Matilda article, Climate Code Red co-author David Spratt said, “an agreement with teeth that would actually limit warming to even 2 degrees [a still disastrous target] seems most unlikely at Copenhagen.”



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